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Carroll College Fair

Tuesday, October, 15 2019

#shoutoutsaturday To all the Colleges and Universities who graciously spent their time Thursday evening answering every question asked. Our Bulldogs can't thank you enough.

Special Shout Out to Mrs. Ramdeen for arranging this wonderful event.

The Atzoci’s welcome baby Gianfranco

Tuesday, October, 15 2019

Congratulations Atzoci Family! We are grateful to our Lord for Gianfranco's blessed arrival

Miami Dade College Hosts Carroll Students

Tuesday, October, 15 2019

Thank you @mdcollege @mdckendall for hosting our Carroll Bulldogs for your Academic event and Thespian event! And bonus! We caught up with some members of our Carroll Family!

Schedule your Senior Portraits! Deadline Extended to Oct 31st

Monday, June, 3 2019

We are excited for you to schedule your Senior Portraits this Summer!

Remember, the sooner the better. All Senior Portraits MUST be taken by Oct 31st.
You must follow the Carroll guidelines for grooming when taking your Senior Portraits.

Some grooming criteria outlined in our Student Handbook for Boys:

  • Hair must be at least 1/8" in length, and cannot be grown past the shirt collar, over the eyebrows or more than 1/2" over the ear. Ponytails, Mohawks, Faux-hawks, braids or corn rows are not permitted. Heads cannot be shaved or carved with any type of designs.
  • Boys must be clean-shaven. Mustaches and goatees are not permitted. Side-burns may not be more than half way below the top of the ear.
  • Earrings may not be worn before.

Some dress code information outlined in the Student Handbook for Girls:

  • No more than two earrings may be worn on each earlobe.
  • No extreme, drastic or fad makeup may be worn.
  • Nose piercings MUST NOT be visible.

Book your session now: foxmar.com/sessions

Free yearbook sessions available | Sesión de anuario libre disponible

Kendal Studio: (305) 596-1750

Miami Lakes Studio: (305) 558-6891